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NASA’s Stennis Space Center is the nation’s largest propulsion test site and a unique federal city home to more than 50 on-site agencies, organizations, university offices, and companies. Under NASA leadership, tenants share in site operating costs while pursuing individual missions. The center is led by a diverse team of NASA senior leaders and area managers with years of experience and insight.

man speaks from behind lectern with other leadership members nearby

Profiles in Leadership

In the profiles below, NASA Stennis leaders share a bit of their career paths and what they have learned.

John Bailey, Associate Director, John C. Stennis Space Center

John Bailey

Acting Center Director

portrait of Rodney McKellip

Rodney McKellip

Center Associate Director

portrait of Troy Frisbie

Legislative Affairs: Troy Frisbie

Legislative Affairs Specialist

portrait of Duane Armstrong

Strategic Business Development Office: Duane Armstrong


portrait of Joe Schuyler

Engineering and Test Directorate: Joe Schuyler


portrait of Gary Benton

Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate: Gary Benton


portrait of Christine Powell

NASA Rocket Propulsion Test Program: Christine Powell


portrait of Deborah Norton

Office of the Chief Financial Officer: Deborah Norton

Chief Financial Officer

Dinna Cottrell

Office of the Chief Information Officer: Dinna Cottrell

Chief Information Officer

portrait of Terrance Jones

Human Resources Branch: Terrance Jones

Deputy Human Resources Director