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The World’s Most Capable Test Complex

For almost 60 years, NASA’s Stennis Space Center has served as NASA’s primary rocket propulsion test facility.

NASA Stennis is home to NASA’s Rocket Propulsion Test Program Office, which manages the agency’s propulsion test assets around the nation.  It is the home to the NASA Shared Services Center and about 40 resident agencies.

The center provides propulsion capabilities, engineering services, and range utilization opportunities to NASA, the Department of Defense, and many other partners in industry and academia.  NASA Stennis is emerging as a leader in autonomous systems, promotes technology development, and offers technical services to commercial aerospace entities, including SpaceXRelativity SpaceAerojet RocketdyneBlue OriginDARPA, and others in testing engines and components needed to achieve mission success.

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E-3 Testing of spike diffuser
Spike diffuser testing at E-3 Test Stand.

Strategic Business Development Office

For inquiries about the Strategic Business Development Office, contact:

Duane Armstrong

Propulsion Test New Business Office

For inquiries about the Propulsion Test New Business Office, contact:

Gary Taylor

Range and Airspace Operations

For inquiries about Range and Airspace Operations, contact:

Jason Peterson

Office of Communications

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Office of Procurement

For inquiries about the Office of Procurement, contact:

SSC Procurement Officer
Eli Ouder

SSC Procurement Ombudsman
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