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Stennis FOIA Library

NASA records that were processed under the FOIA and proactively released. Please also check the e-libraries for each NASA Center for additional documents.

To request a 508 compliant copy of any documents posted in the FOIA Electronic Library, please contact

Current SSC Contracts
NNS08AA83B – MS Research Consortium
NNS16AA25T – ITS Contract
NNS10AA47C – Lab Services
Former SSC Contracts
NNS07AB21C – Facilities Operating Services
NNS10AA46C – Test Operations
NNS10AA35C – IT Services Contract
SSC Space Act Agreements
Redacted SSAA-1053-0117
Redacted SSAA-1053-0118 with Ammendment
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Responsive Documents for FOIA Case Files
SSC Procurement Homepage