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Lagniappe for May 2024

Dr. Kamili Shaw interviews with WAPT reporter Troy Johnson at INFINITY Science Center
Explore the May 2024 issue, featuring NASA’s announcement of the new center director of NASA Stennis, participation in solar eclipse events by NASA Stennis and more!

Explore the May 2024 issue of Lagniappe featuring:

  • NASA Administrator Names New Stennis Space Center Director
  • Engine Removal Signals Completion of Successful Test Series
  • NASA Stennis Participates in NASA Eclipse Events

Gator Speaks

This illustration of Gator incudes a quote of the fictional character sending kudos to the new NASA Stennis Center Director John Bailey
Gator Speaks

Summer is approaching, school is almost out of session for many, and we have big news all around!

Congratulations to John Bailey for being named the new center director of NASA’s Stennis Space Center by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

He brings more than two decades of NASA experience that spans multiple areas throughout the south Mississippi NASA center. Bailey has worked as acting center director since January.

The future is bright, and Gator is excited to see the continued transformation of NASA Stennis under his leadership to support NASA, commercial companies, and all that make the NASA Stennis Federal City a thriving community.

Speaking of a bright future, I have my eyes on extraordinary trip coming up.

Whatever you do, do not tell the grandgators yet that we actually will be staying right at home for this one. No travel is involved – at least, not in person.

However, I feel like we are a part of this adventure because NASA has provided many updates leading to the big day.

The trip I am looking forward to is part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams are set to launch to the International Space Station in May, no earlier than May 6 to be specific, as part of NASA’s Boeing Crew Flight Test mission on the company’s first crewed Starliner spacecraft mission.

The launch is a monumental step forward as NASA’s Commercial Crew Program works with the American aerospace industry to launch astronauts on American rockets and spacecraft from our soil to the International Space Station.

It is a monumental step forward because this approach will help NASA maintain a human presence in low-Earth orbit. It will also enable exploration to the Moon in preparation to then go to Mars. Can you see why this trip is so exciting?

This will add to the value NASA creates for the benefit of humanity since commercial flights are key to ongoing scientific breakthroughs aboard the space station. It will benefit all on Earth and prepare for future exploration missions.

I invite you to stay in the know about the mission by visiting the NASA blog on the Commercial Crew Program here for timely updates.

Cheers to a great summer and to NASA exploring the secrets of the universe for the benefit of all!

NASA Stennis Top News

NASA Administrator Names New Stennis Space Center Director

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson on Monday named John Bailey as director of the agency’s Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, effective immediately. Bailey had been serving as acting director since January.

Engine Removal Signals Completion of Successful Test Series

NASA Stennis Participates in NASA Eclipse Events

Employees from NASA’s Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi supported eclipse activities in multiple states on April 8. Activities included events at the NASA Stennis official visitor center at INFINITY Science Center, in Russellville, Arkansas, and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana. The next total solar eclipse that can be viewed from the contiguous United States will be on Aug. 23, 2044.

Center Activities

NASA Stennis Receives 2024 Mississippi Pinnacle Award

NASA Public Affairs Specialist Samone Wilson, wearing a black jacket, holds a Pinnacle Award while smiling at the camera.
NASA Public Affairs Specialist Samone Wilson accepted the 2024 Overall Mississippi Pinnacle Award for the contributions of NASA’s Stennis Space Center to the state of Mississippi during the Mississippi Pinnacle Awards Gala at the Hattiesburg Lake Terrace Convention Center on April 9. The Mississippi Pinnacle Awards, hosted by Sales and Marketing Professionals of Hattiesburg, recognize excellence, professionalism, and outstanding achievement in marketing. NASA Stennis was honored for its standard of excellence as one of the state’s top employers. The center specifically was cited for its frontline role in the nation’s human spaceflight program, its collaborative work with onsite tenants, and its economic impact on the surrounding region.
Mississippi Pinnacle Awards

NASA in the News

Employee Profile

Briou Bouregois, wearing a maroon striped polo-styled shirt, stands infront of a
Briou Bourgeois is a mechanical test operations engineer at NASA’s Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, where he enjoys working on a variety of projects to support NASA’s efforts of leading the way in space exploration for humanity.
NASA/Danny Nowlin

Work at NASA’s Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, takes one site engineer back to a childhood memory, where a dream of being a member of the NASA team began. Now, Briou Bourgeois is working to launch a career with even bigger aspirations.

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