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Open-Play Kickball Program

Starport will be hosting open-play kickball starting May 24th at the Gilruth Center’s Field #4.

Open play is an opportunity for players to play pick-up games in a friendly, non-competitive format. Teams will typically play 9v9 or 10v10. Open-play kickball will be used to gauge interest in a more formal league. Continuation will depend on demand.

No membership required. 

Sign up here


  • Day/Time: Starting May 24th – Wednesdays/6:00-8:00PM
  • Location: Field 4
  • Eligibility: Johnson Space Center civil servants, contractors, dependents and community members (18 & Over).
  • Sign-waiver prior to play
  • Price: Free
  • Duration: On-going


  1. All games shall be played with an 8.5 inch SSA Official rubber kickball. Kickballs can be checked out at the Front Desk.
  2. A regulation game shall consist of 8 innings.
  3. No new inning shall start after 55 minutes from the scheduled starting time of the game, regardless of the actual start time. If a game runs late, the next game will still get their full 55 minutes.

For more information on format and official rules visit the World Kickball Association website.

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