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Johnson Organizations

The Johnson Space Center workforce is divided into a number of organizations. These organizations, listed alphabetically by mail code, are further subdivided into smaller functional groups such as divisions and branches.
For a different view of JSC’s top-level organizations, take a look at the Graphical Organization Chart:

Graphical Organization Chart (PDF)

AA – Office of the Center Director
The Director plans, organizes, and directs all activities required to accomplish the missions assigned to JSC, one of the Nation’s prime space research and operations Centers. The JSC Director is responsible for providing the core capabilities necessary to ensure safe and successful implementation of all programs at JSC.
Leadership Biographies

AD – External Relations
The Director of External Relations oversees the functions of Community Relations, Education, Public Affairs, and University Research.

CA – Flight Operations Directorate
The mission of the Flight Operations Directorate is to plan, integrate, execute, and lead overall operations for NASA human spaceflight missions.
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DA – Extravehicular Activity and Human Surface Mobility Program
The Extravehicular Activity and Human Surface Mobility Program’s mission is to execute safe, reliable, and effective spacewalks throughout the life of the International Space Station and to provide spacewalking and surface mobility capabilities that allow astronauts to survive and work outside the confines of a base spacecraft in order to explore on and around the Moon.
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EA – Engineering Directorate
The Engineering Directorate provides engineering design, development, and test support as well as system/subsystem expertise to the ISS, Orion Program, Commercial Crew Program, Deep Space Gateway, Human Landing System, and other advanced technology for Human Space Flight and human space exploration programs delegated to or supported by JSC.
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GA – Orion Program
The Orion Program will provide for the United States development and production of a reusable human capable vehicle to support human exploration beyond low earth orbit.

JA – Center Operations Directorate
The Center Operations Directorate is responsible for ensuring the availability of facilities and services necessary for the operation of JSC.
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MA – Gateway Program
Gateway will be a small human-tended space station in orbit around the Moon and a critical part of the Artemis missions.
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NA – Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate (SMA)
The mission of the Safety and Mission Assurance Office is to ensure successful human space flight and to promote a safe and healthy work environment.

OA – International Space Station (ISS) Program Office
The International Space Station Program Office mission is to enable science and technology research that expands human knowledge, inspires, and educates the next generation, fosters commercial development of space, demonstrates capabilities to enable future exploration missions beyond low-Earth orbit, and to lead globally.
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RA – White Sands Test Facility (WSTF)
The White Sands Test Facility is responsible for management, administration, engineering, technical support and operations in support of development and qualification testing of spacecraft propulsion/power systems and components.

SA – Human Health and Performance (HH&P) Directorate
The Human Health & Performance Directorate is focused on enhancing crew health and spaceflight mission performance and mitigating the human system risks associated with spaceflight.
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UA – Commercial Low-Earth Orbit Program Office
The purpose of the Commercial Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Development Program is to enable NASA’s vision of a self-sustaining market in LEO.
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XA – Exploration Integration and Science
The Exploration Integration and Science Directorate supports NASA’s human exploration programs with expertise in exploration mission planning, systems development, integration, as well as strategic program cost and schedule assessments.
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Direct Reports to Headquarters

IA – Chief Information Officer
The Information Resources Directorate is responsible for implementing Center and Agency information resources initiatives.

AH – Human Resources Office
The Human Resources Office is responsible for planning and implementing a human resources program.

AJ – Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity
The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity plans, directs and administers all Federal Equal Opportunity Programs related to JSC employees.
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AL – Legal Office
The Legal Office provides in-depth legal support to the center’s activities, including satellite installations and offices.
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BA – Office of Procurement
The Office of Procurement provides matrixed business management support for JSC as an institution and, individually, for the program/project offices and directorates.
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LA – Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO)
The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) designs and implements the financial and resources systems required for proper data collection and reporting and ensures that Agency and Center-level financial and resource decisions are implemented.

VA – Commercial Crew Program (CCP)
The mission of the Commercial Crew Program is to manage the development and operations for the end-to-end Crew Transportation Systems (CTS) to safely transport the crew to and from the International Space Station; to manage the CTS certification and flight readiness review process; and to manage all supporting technical and programmatic Partner Integration functions supporting the Program.