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Houston We Have a Podcast

From Earth orbit to the Moon and Mars, explore the world of human spaceflight with NASA each week on the official podcast of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Listen to in-depth conversations with the astronauts, scientists and engineers who make it possible.

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Season 1Episode 314Dec 1, 2023

Mars Audio Log #4

The CHAPEA crew gives an update amid their one-year stay in a simulated Mars habit, and Gioia Massa discusses crop production on Mars. This is the fourth audio log of a monthly series.  HWHAP Episode 314.

Season 1Jul 1, 2017

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Each week, we have in-depth conversations with astronauts, engineers, scientists, and program leaders on exciting human spaceflight topics. Learn more about the work being done on Earth and in low-Earth orbit that benefits humanity and will help send humans forward to the Moon and on to Mars.

Season 1Episode 313Nov 9, 2023

Laser Communications

Space communication and navigation expert Jason Mitchell discusses laser communications and the ongoing work to understand what future deep space and near space missions might need. HWHAP Episode 313.

Season 1Episode 312Nov 3, 2023

Plant Water Management

Principal investigator Mark Weislogel discusses new science being sent to the station aboard the SpaceX CRS-29 cargo resupply mission to improve plant growth in space. HWHAP Episode 312.