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Commercial Lunar Payload Services

About CLPS

NASA is working with several American companies to deliver science and technology to the lunar surface through the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative.

These companies, ranging in size, bid on delivering payloads for NASA. This includes everything from payload integration and operations, to launching from Earth and landing on the surface of the Moon. Under Artemis, commercial deliveries beginning in 2023 will perform science experiments, test technologies, and demonstrate capabilities to help NASA explore the Moon as it prepares for human missions. CLPS contracts are indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contracts with a cumulative maximum contract value of $2.6 billion through 2028.

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malapert massif
Malapert massif (informal name) is thought to be a remnant of the South Pole – Aitken basin rim, which formed more than 4 billion years ago.  More recently, this magnificent peak (lower left) was selected as an Artemis III candidate landing region. Image is 25 kilometers wide in the center, Narrow Angle Camera M1432398306LR (NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University).

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NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative allows NASA to send science investigations and technology demonstrations to the lunar surface. Under Artemis, NASA will study more of the Moon than ever before, and CLPS will demonstrate how NASA is working with commercial companies to achieve robotic lunar exploration. 


Follow along here for exciting updates on CLPS and NASA’s lunar exploration efforts!

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Program Contacts

Media Contacts

Nilufar Ramji
Public Affairs | Johnson Space Center

Karen Fox
Public Affairs | NASA Headquarters

Program Contacts

Chris Culbert

CLPS Lead | Johnson Space Center

Regina Blue

CLPS Programmatic Deputy | Johnson Space Center

Ryan Stephan

CLPS Technical Deputy | Johnson Space Center

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