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Built with international and commercial partners, Gateway will be humanity’s first space station around the Moon as a vital component of NASA’s deep space exploration plans to the Moon, Mars and beyond

Future Mission

lunar space station

A Deep Space Home

Humanity's next science platform

A New Era in Science


Lunar Powerhouse

Gateway is a vital component of the NASA-led Artemis missions to return to the Moon and chart a path for the first human missions to Mars. The small space station will be a multi-purpose outpost orbiting the Moon and providing essential support for lunar surface missions, a destination for science, and serving as a staging point for further deep space exploration. NASA is working with commercial and international partners to establish Gateway.

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Lunar space station

International Partners



Expected 2025

polar ORBIT

Near-rectilinear halo orbit
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Gateway: A Deep Space Home, and So Much More

As future Artemis missions establish humanity’s long-term presence on and around the Moon, habitation elements on the Gateway space station…

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From childhood stargazing to building a lunar space station

Oliver Ortiz always wondered what was beyond the city lights.

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