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Built with international and commercial partners, Gateway will be humanity’s first space station around the Moon as a vital component of NASA’s deep space exploration plans to the Moon, Mars and beyond

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lunar space station

A Deep Space Home

Humanity's next science platform

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Lunar Powerhouse

Gateway is a vital component of the NASA-led Artemis missions to return to the Moon and chart a path for the first human missions to Mars. The small space station will be a multi-purpose outpost orbiting the Moon and providing essential support for lunar surface missions, a destination for science, and a staging point for further deep space exploration. NASA is working with commercial and international partners to establish Gateway.

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Lunar space station

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No earlier than 2025

polar ORBIT

Near-rectilinear halo orbit

A Home for Astronauts around the Moon

The primary structure of the Gateway space station’s HALO (Habitation and Logistics Outpost) module is one step closer to launch following welding completion in Turin, Italy. HALO is one of four Gateway modules where astronauts will live, conduct science, and prepare for lunar surface missions.

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A large circular structure stands in a facility. The camera looks straight through the structure. At this angle, the interior looks like concentric circles.
NASA is partnering with Northrop Grumman and subcontractor Thales Alenia Space to develop HALO.
Northrop Grumman/Thales Alenia Space

NASA’s Artemis IV: Building First Lunar Space Station

Following the Artemis III mission that will land the first people near the Moon’s South Pole, astronauts on Artemis IV will live and work in humanity’s first lunar space station, Gateway, which will enable new opportunities for science and preparation for human missions to Mars.

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