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OCS Seminars

Rick Guidice illustration of Earth and the sun


Elizabeth Blackburn: From Looking Down the Microscope to Looking Out the Window
Indhu Varatharajan: Understanding Surface Mineralogy of Mercury: An Integrated Spectroscopy Approach
Rainer Weiss: The Beginnings of Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Current State and Future

Mars 2020 Lecture Series


James T. Allison and Vedant: Integrated Physical and Control System Design Optimization with Application to Attitude Control


Daniel Andrews and Anthony Colaprete: LCROSS @ 10
Avi Barliya: The Future of Computing
Brandon Brown: Inside Apollo: Forgotten Stories and Important Lessons
Kenneth C. Cheung: Coded Structures: Seeking Autonomy in Materials and Structural Systems for Aero and Space Applications
Sándor Fekete: From nano to Mega: Coordinating swarms of objects at extreme dimensions
Francesca Gino: Rebel Talent
Stephen Johnson: The Wonder of Photography, Nature and the Cosmos
Racheli Ofir: Development of allogeneic Placenta-derived (PLX) cell therapy- from bench- to bedside
Casey Wade: Bioinspired MOFs for Trace CO2 Capture
Dr. S. Pete Worden: Search for Life in the Universe


David Deamer: Hydrothermal vents or hydrothermal fields: Where can life begin?
John Freeman: Native Bacterial Endophyte Inoculated Poplar Trees for Effective Phytoremediation of TCE in Groundwater
Chris Hansen: ISS EVA 23 – Lessons Learned
Brian Muirhead: Mars Sample Return Mission Overview
Sidney Nakahodo: Engaging the private sector in NewSpace activities
Wendell Wallach: Minimizing Risks While Maximizing the Benefits of AI and Big Data
S. Pete Worden: The Search for Life in the Universe: Intelligent or Otherwise…


Louis Barbier: Innovation and Discovery, the Science Innovation Fund
Richard Campbell: The Moon: Gateway to the Solar System
Martyn Dade-Robertson: Growing Buildings with Bacteria: An Architects approach to Synthetic Biology
Barak Fishbain: Mathematical Programming Methods for Multi-Dimensional Air Quality Data Analysis
Madhulika Guhathakurta: Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Through the Eyes of NASA: Science in the Shadow of the Moon
Larry L. Howell and Alden Yellowhorse: Origami Art and Engineering: Surprising Opportunities for Systems with Unprecedented Performance
Eyal Shekel: Coherent Bam Combining (CBC) and Optical Phased Array (OPA) – Technology and Applications
Leedjia Svec: The Consequences of Cake on Mars and other Lessons Learned from a Navy NASA Liaison
Amytha Willard: About Library Services


Pal Brekke: The Northern Lights: A Magic Experience
Neil Gershenfeld: The Third Digital Revolution: Fabrication
Kelvin Long: Interstellar Flight and SETI in Galactic Civilizations
Mike Massimino: Servicing the Hubble Space Telescope
Molly Morse and Allison Pieja: Methane to Biopolymers: On Earth and Beyond
Alan Stern: World View Stratospheric Ballooning: Capabilities and Applications


Sylvia Earle and Liz Taylor: Exploring the Deep Frontier
Madhulika Guhathakurta: Interplanetary Space Weather: The Next Frontier
Millie Hughes-Fulford: Of Mice and Men: Immunology in Spaceflight
Mark Marley: Hubble’s Greatest Exoplanet Mysteries
Dharmendra S. Modha: A New Architecture for Brain-inspired Computing
Leedjia Svec: Sailing the NASA Skies: Military Programs at NASA Ames


Claudia Alexander: Wild Bounce at Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Angie Bukley: International Space University: Opening the Space Frontier
Patrick Spain: Campfire Tales with Pat Spain
Yoshihisa Yamamoto: Coherent Computing by OPO Phase Transition


Ron Davis and Andy Kogelnik: Big Data and Measurement: Ushering in a New Age in Human Health and Medicine
Olivia Lenz: Iron Pyrite for Photovoltaics
Michael A. Lowe, Benjamin Gomez, and Marina Gandlin: Military Experience in the Space Domain; Fertile Ground for Partnerships and Collaborations with NASA Ames


Lorna Ortiz: This is Not Autism

OCS Co-Sponsored Colloquia


Hanbong Lee: Fast-Time Simulation for Evaluating the Impact of Estimated Flight Ready Time Uncertainty on Surface Metering


Heather Arneson: Using Strategic Delay to Reduce Overall Delay in Commercial Aviation
Miwa Hayashi: Evaluation of a Dynamic Weather-Avoidance Rerouting Tool in Adjacent-Center Arrival Metering
Adrienne Mayor: Gods and Robots – Myths, Machines and Ancient Dreams of Technology


Kathy Kleiman: “The Computers,” The Remarkable Untold Story of the ENIAC Programmers
Laura Nelson: What Do We Learn About Gender and Science When We Look at Breast Cancer in South Korea
Sir Roger Penrose: New Cosmological View of Dark Matter, which Strangely and Slowly Decays


Lorenzo Valdevit: Optimal design and advanced manufacturing of micro and nano-architected materials for aerospace applications


Amanda Ford: Director’s Colloquium
Bernard Harris, Jr.: Martin Luther King, Jr., Colloquium
Abraham Kimchi: Cockpit Automation: Reflections of an Elder Aviator
David Woods: 10 Questions for Autonomists