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Science Integrity

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NASA’s ability to explore and expand human knowledge of the Earth, solar system, and universe depends on the integrity of the research and technology activities the agency conducts and supports. The NASA workforce—as well as all external entities who review proposals for or receive NASA funding—must maintain the highest standards of scientific integrity.

The Office of the Chief Scientist holds the broad responsibility for ensuring the culture of scientific and research integrity at NASA. Please see the HQ OCS’s Scientific Integrity website for more information. Each NASA Center has a Research Integrity Officer (RIO) – a designated point of contact to help resolve issues and concerns related to the responsible conduct of research. Click here for a list of POCs.

Additional resources for the responsible conduct of research:

  1. Responsible Conduct of Research” NASA SATERN Course AG-RCR-21
  2. ARC mini lecture series, “Research Ethics and Integrity
  3. NPD 1920.1 – Scientific Integrity
  4. APR 7100.1 – Policy of the Conduct, Documentation and Release of Basic and Applied Research
  5. The Sundowner Report (animal-subjects research)
  6. NPD 8910.1C – Care and Use of Animals
  7. NPR 8910.1C – Care and Use of Animals
  8. The Belmont Report (human subjects research)
  9. NASA’s Institutional Review Board (human subjects research)
  10. NPD 7100.8E – Protection of Human Research Subjects
  11. NPR 7100.1A – Protection of Human Research Subjects
  12. HHS’ Office of Research Integrity

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