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About the Ames Office of the Chief Scientist


The NASA Ames Research Center Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) is a value added driven organization that through its charter, actions and results brings innovation and value to the Center, Agency, Nation and aerospace community and supports the Ames Team place as a world recognized research and technology leader.

The OCS provides advice and oversight for research programs, evaluate proposals for new programs, advises the Center Director and management on areas related to science and promotes research partnerships that are synergistic to Ames mission. The OCS helps ensure that Ames research contributes effectively to national and Agency aerospace and scientific objectives, fosters an environment of collaboration between other NASA centers, promotes STEM education and influences NASA’s future scientific direction. The OCS also facilitates and develops international, inter-Agency, academic and commercial collaborations to sustain new research initiatives.

Dr. Jacob Cohen is currently the Chief Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center. In this capacity, Dr. Cohen provides advice and oversight for research programs and serves as the principal Center advisor in the administration of long term, high risk, and creative/inventive research programs. Dr. Cohen evaluates proposals for new programs, keeps abreast of ongoing work, and establishes priorities to assure that Center research programs contribute effectively to national aerospace and scientific objectives. Dr. Cohen serves as the chief advisor to the Center Director on all areas affecting the science at the Center. As part of his interest in the utilization of space and aeronautics for scientific and technology advancements, Dr. Cohen facilitates and develops international, inter agency, academic and commercial collaborations to sustain new research initiatives. Dr. Cohen serves as the Center representative to the Agency Chief Scientist and the NASA Research Council and is the conduit for the Agency Office of the Chief Scientist at the Center. Dr. Cohen received his Doctorate from New York University in the area of molecular evolution. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s Ophthalmology Research Laboratories in the area of viral host relationships. Dr. Cohen has held various research and management positions. Dr. Cohen has received various NASA and external awards and honors. Mentoring, teaching and inspiring the next generation of scientists and managers are continuous roles Dr. Cohen pursues.