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James Green - The Future of Lunar Exploration: The Artemis Prog
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2023 Summer Series

Ames Office of the Chief Scientist

The NASA Ames Research Center Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) is a value added driven organization that through its charter, actions and results brings innovation and value to the Center, Agency, Nation and aerospace community and supports the Ames Team place as a world recognized research and technology leader.

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Summer Series Colloquia

The Summer Series is a set of talks by subject leaders from around the globe. Each year, the Office of the Chief Scientist produces a platform for innovative discussion and inspiration to catalyze scientific progress, share ideas, and communicate new and exciting concepts. Many subjects are discussed in the Summer Series, including distinctive topics relevant to the A­­­­­gency’s goals that are engaging for a research and technology center. The Summer Series is a broad forum that aims to bring new and exciting stories to both NASA employees and the public.

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Summer Series Colloquia - Dr. Jacob Cohen

Nominate a Speaker

The Office of the Chief Scientist invites individuals and organizations from Ames, the Agency, and the public to submit nominations for colloquia speakers to present at Ames. If you would like to submit the name of a potential speaker, please download the nomination form from the link below and submit it If you are unable to download the form, please email the OCS.

OCS Speaker Nomination Form
Darlene Lim - Designing and Developing Mission Elements for Human Scientific Exploration of the Moon, Deep Space and Mars

Scientific Awards

Tori Hoehler

H. Julian Allen Award

The H. Julian Allen Award was established to annually recognize a scientific or engineering paper of outstanding technical merit and significance. The H. Julian Allen Award is one of NASA Ames' highest honors.

Bill Borucki - Portrait unveiling

Ames Fellow

The Ames Fellow Program is designed to identify and acknowledge a very small number of Ames Research Center employees for their national or international reputation of scientific or engineering excellence and their contributions to NASA and our research Center. The rank of fellow is the highest recognition that Ames Research Center can bestow upon one of its own employees.

Ames Associate Fellow Seminar by Dr. Ramakrishna Nemani

Ames Associate Fellow

The Ames Associate Fellow is an honorary designation to recognize exceptional scientific/engineering research by Ames staff members. Associate Fellows are selected based on their outstanding contributions to their fields over the last five years.

Eric Stern

Ames Early Career Researcher Award

The Ames Early Career Researcher Award recognizes recipients that demonstrate exceptional scientific or engineering potential for leadership through outstanding research and the integration of research within the context of the mission of their organizations.