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JSC Exhibits



Vintage spacesuits in display cases and free-standing mannequins can be borrowed from the JSC Exhibits Program.


Scale Models

Models available for loan from the JSC Exhibits Program include small globes, space shuttle mockups and large inflatable objects.



Large, self-standing information panels make learning easy and interesting. Subjects include space food, the Apollo Program and the International Space Station.

Pop-Up Exhibits


Pop-up displays are self contained display systems that are lightweight, easy to set-up and educational; ideal for temporary indoor exhibit situations. Pop-up structures address the subject of space technology, or "spinoffs," and the development of new products and processes for the aerospace industry.



Collections of framed photographs show aspects of the human space program and vivid images of the Earth from space.

Spacesuit glove

Other Available Items

Helmets, gloves and space food are available for a "hands on" experience.


About the JSC Exhibits Program

The NASA Johnson Space Center operates an active traveling exhibits program whereby exhibits, displays, spacecraft models, spacesuits and various space artifacts are made available for use on a first-come, first-served basis for short (1-29 days) and long-term (30-90 days) loans. In most instances proof of insurance is necessary to borrow these items.

The Johnson Space Center primarily serves the NASA Region Four states of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas. Other states and countries may be served when other NASA centers are unable to satisfy requester needs.

As a free service of NASA and the United States government, items cannot be loaned to organizations charging for entry into an exhibition primarily to view these exhibits. NASA's exhibits are loaned for educational displays that are open to the public. NASA's exhibits can not be loaned to individuals.

Scheduling Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis. Exhibit items are not always available due to prior scheduling, maintenance, or updating.

You should submit your request AT LEAST 12 WEEKS IN ADVANCE of your event date to allow time for scheduling, processing, and shipping.
Limitations Please limit your request to no more than six exhibit items. You are welcome to include a list of alternate exhibits in case the original choices are not available.

Exhibit items are not always available due to prior scheduling, maintenance, or updating.
Requesting Exhibits If you are interested in any exhibits for a specific event, please print the NASA Exhibits Application, complete it, and send it with a signed request on your organization's letterhead to this office by facsimile transmission to:
(281) 333-3702

You may also submit your application and signed request on your organization's letterhead by mail, to:

Jeannie Aquino
Exhibits Manager
AD, Office of Public Affairs
NASA Johnson Space Center
2101 NASA Parkway
Houston TX 77058-3696

Sending Comments After your organization has borrowed an exhibit, you are invited to send us your comments, using a printable form.
International Requests International requests for exhibits will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Your organization will be responsible for the exhibits handling from pickup at our door to their return to our door at close of the show. This includes brokerage fees for customs clearance in and out of the United States and the country they will actually be displayed in. International requests must be submitted to this office AT LEAST SIX MONTHS prior to the event to allow for paperwork, coordination and shipment.


The Johnson Space Center does not charge for use of its exhibits. However, round trip shipping costs are borne by the requesting organization.

Shipping costs depend on weight. Our exhibits are well crated, and are normally shipped by common carrier motor or air freight, depending on size and weight.

Motor freight is normally much cheaper than air freight. Carriers charge by the hundredweight for ground freight, and the more weight involved, the lower the charge per hundredweight.

Air freight charges by both the weight and space required by the freight.

Once you have an idea of the exhibits you are interested in obtaining we will be happy to contact a carrier for you and obtain a quote for shipment.

Our policy is to ship exhibits driver collect (they will expect payment on delivery), and to have exhibits returned prepaid. We will arrange for the carrier to pick up from our warehouse, but it is the sponsor's responsibility to contact a carrier for the return.

If you wish to make your own arrangements for round trip shipping you are more than welcome to do so.

Send questions and comments to JSC-Exhibits-Desk. Please do not contact the Editor or NASA Official listed at the bottom of this page.

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