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Discovery & Systems Health


The Discovery and Systems Health (DaSH) technical area focuses on understanding, modeling, and reasoning with engineering systems and science data. The work is centered around the emerging systems engineering discipline of Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM). Under that umbrella, DaSH explores advances in machine learning, physics modeling, diagnostic and prognostic reasoning, and optimal decision making. DaSH is NASA’s premier ISHM research and development facility, with strengths in design of health management systems, ISHM systems engineering, sensor selection and optimization, monitoring, data analysis, fundamental physics investigations, prognostics, diagnostics, failure recovery, autonomous decision making, and uncertainty management.

DaSH is involved in engineering and analysis for a variety of NASA missions including aviation safety and security, science missions, human exploration, and the NASA Engineering Safety Center. In addition, DaSH also evaluates various quantum computing approaches where initial work has a focus on theoretical and empirical analysis of quantum annealing approaches to challenging optimization problems such as those posed by diagnostics and decision-making problems.

Some of the research areas of DaSH include:

  • Analysis of complex physical phenomena
  • Mathematical models representing physical systems
  • Novel algorithms for health management
  • Analysis of large data sets in aeronautics, earth science and cosmology
  • Quantum computing
  • Experimentally exploring failure phenomena (data released on public repositories)
  • Improved engineering and scientific processes
  • Integrated software products for flight and ground mission support

DaSH initiatives are supported by powerful research facilities, including a Quantum Computer and the SHARP Laboratory, which houses custom aging facilities for mechanical, electro-chemical, and electronic devices and hardware-in-the-loop experiments for algorithm benchmarking.

For more information, see the DaSH Research Groups.


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