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Autonomous Systems & Robotics


As NASA prepares for unprecedented missions, our spacecraft, space habitats, aircraft, planetary and space exploration platforms, and operations are becoming progressively more complex. To sustain these future complex systems, the Autonomous Systems and Robotics (ASR) technical area is making critical advancements in novel system architectures, algorithms, and software tools. These new technologies function as advisors, advanced automation, and autonomous agents that are capable of adapting to changing conditions, knowledge, and constraints. With broad objectives to increase performance, productivity, and efficiency, improve science return, enhance safety, and reduce cost for NASA missions, our advancements are informing system design decisions, enabling advanced capabilities and enhancing situational awareness.

Areas of Expertise

  • Adaptive and optimal control technologies
  • Adjustable autonomy
  • Automated planning & scheduling systems
  • Computer vision
  • Decision support systems
  • Distributed & multi-agent systems
  • Flight management systems
  • Geospatial systems
  • Human – robot interaction
  • Intelligent robotic software
  • Mission operations & support tools

For more information, see the ASR Research Groups.

Technical Area Lead
Jose Benavides
Deputy Area Lead
Kimberlee Shish