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Decision Support Systems Group


The Decision Support Systems (DSS) Group creates systems that assist NASA scientists and engineers to acquire, monitor, visualize, analyze, and model mission-related information essential to making informed decisions. These systems may include components that facilitate communication and collaboration across distributed decision-making teams. DSS works across the autonomy spectrum, building support systems that range from solely advisory to fully autonomous. These systems speed up the decision-making process, giving users more time to act in critical situations, or enabling autonomous systems act as surrogates in remote environments. The group has created systems for autonomous mission operations, autonomous medical operations for exploration, decision support for air traffic management, and mission tools for tactical decision-making and situational awareness for airborne science field campaigns, such as those that monitor hurricanes and other critical weather phenomena.

Active Projects

  • Aerograph and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM): A system for creating vehicle performance data products for use in modeling and simulation of future airspace concepts [+ More]
  • Astrobiology Habitable Environments Database (AHED): A long-term repository and productivity platform for the storage, discovery, and analysis of data relevant to the field of astrobiology [+More]
  • Autonomous Systems and Operations (ASO): Develops crew-support and vehicle systems autonomy technologies and techniques for long-range spaceflight missions
  • Digital Information Portal (DIP): A cloud-based Digital Information Platform utilized by a community of data and service providers, as well as operators, to access real-time and historical aeronautical data and services for the National Airspace System (NAS)
  • Digital & Reasoning Fabric (DRF): A self-sustaining decentralized ecosystem for data and reasoning service exchange to support the emerging air mobility market [+ More]
  • Human Research Program (HRP) Data Management and Integration: Development and implementation of an HRP data management plan for the HRP data lifecycle
  • Mission Tools Suite (MTS): Decision support and situational awareness system for suborbital mission monitoring and execution [+ More]
  • System-Wide Safety (SWS): Development of a machine learning-based tool that monitors airspace complexity at multiple scales [+ More]

Archived Projects

  • Autonomous Medical Operations for Exploration: A remote crew-decision support tool featuring computer-aided medical image analysis and deep learning
  • Decision Support for Air Traffic Management: Development of data mining and fast simulation tools to support decision-making in Air Traffic Control


Group Lead
Deepak Kulkarni

Group Members
Minh Do
Aaron Duley
Hassan Eslami
Jeremy Frank
Chuck Fry
Mohana Gurram
Bita Hasheminezhad
Michael Iatauro
Chris Knight
Anthony Koutroulis
Rich Levison
Andrew Lindsay
Bill McDermott
Mike Scott
Sandeep Shetye
Keith Swanson
Adam Sweet
Eugene Turkov
Shawn Wolfe