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ASR Research Groups

Advanced Control and Evolvable Systems
The Advanced Control and Evolvable Systems (ACES) group conducts foundational and applied research in modeling and simulation, intelligent Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) technologies (such as adaptive, robust, and optimal control; trajectory guidance; and planning) and avionics hardware and software system disciplines.

Deployable Autonomy Technologies
The Deployable Automation Technologies (DAT) group conducts applied research and development in autonomous metamaterials and structural systems with multi-robot assembly, automated planetary and small-body sample acquisition and handling systems, instrument automation, health monitoring, visual planning and mapping software, and mission simulation testbeds.

Intelligent Robotics
The Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG) is dedicated to exploring extreme environments, remote locations, and uncharted worlds. IRG conducts applied research in a wide range of areas, including computer vision, geospatial data, human-robot interaction, interactive 3D visualization, and robot software architecture.

Planning and Scheduling
The Planning and Scheduling Group (PSG) builds automated planning and scheduling systems for NASA missions. These planning and scheduling systems are essential components of autonomous spacecraft, deep space probes, planetary rovers, and autonomous vehicles.