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Collaborative & Assistant Systems


As NASA missions become longer and more scientifically complex, the critical challenge of managing the data and information generated by the Agency’s varied scientific and engineering activities only increases in importance. The Collaborative & Assistants Systems (CAS) technical area tackles this challenge by applying its extensive data management research and development experience to address the specific needs of NASA missions, programs, and projects.

CAS focuses its efforts on building systems and developing techniques that address issues throughout the information management lifecycle – starting with data acquisition, and moving through data conditioning and integration; data storage, organization, and access; data visualization; and finally, data analysis, mining, and extraction. An underlying theme of CAS work involves enabling NASA’s distributed teams to rapidly access key information needed for collaboration and accomplishment of their missions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Data architecture design
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Ground & flight data systems
  • Information extraction
  • Information integration systems
  • Intelligent information retrieval, access, and search
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Semantic technologies

For more information, see the CAS Research Groups.

Technical Area Lead
Richard Papasin
Deputy Area Lead
Peter Tran

CAS Alumni

Gordon Aaseng

Jennifer Betancourt

Katharine Brinker

Lee Brownston

Sonja Caldwell

Cathy Chou

Michael Crawford

Misty Davies

Jason Duley

Dennis Heher

Judy Heinrich

Jennifer Hsu

Jon Jenkins

Sandra Johan

Rich Keller

Shawn Li

Joe Lin

Tony Lindsey

David Maluf

Nimesh Marker

Rob Morris

Chris Newton

Tuong Nguyen

Veronica Philips

Cedric Priscal

Sneha Raghunandan

Pete Richards

Pegah Sarram

Jeffrey Smith

Helen Stewart

Ian Sturken

Deep Tailor

Peter Tenenbaum

David Thompson

Eric Ting

Joseph Twicken

Kelly Vail

Yao Wang

Harald Weber

Mei Wei

Sam Westigard

Enya Yan

Jane Yuan