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Enterprise Information Management Group


The Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Group develops, implements, and operates enterprise information management solutions that support NASA’s organizational needs and facilitate the business operations of NASA Centers, Headquarters, and Mission Directorates. Systems developed by the EIM Group include the NASA Technology Transfer System (NTTS), which handles technology reporting and transfer for patents, licenses, contract information, partnerships, grants, and software releases, among other items; and the Project Management Tool (PMT), which is a comprehensive, web-enabled budgetary planning tool that assists NASA enterprises in monitoring, disseminating, and tracking the financial progress of NASA Centers, Mission Directorates, and specific programs and projects. In addition, EIM has key responsibilities for managing Agency-wide dissemination of information and data through NASA’s public-facing web servers, as well as providing cloud and web services to internal NASA customers.

Active Projects

  • Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) Flight Data Portal (AFDP): An enterprise, data management, and collaboration web portal for storing, analyzing, and disseminating flight test data and relevant mission-related information
  • Defense Technology Transfer Information System (DTTIS): A collaboration between NASA and the Air Force to customize NASA’s Technology Transfer System (NTTS) as the next generation Air Force and Department of Defense’s enterprise technology transfer platform
  • Flight Opportunities Reporting System (FORS): An enterprise web reporting tool for managing NASA’s commercial flight opportunities, technologies, and payloads [+ More]
  • NASA Technology Transfer System (NTTS): An enterprise web framework for streamlining the Agency’s technology transfer process [+ More]
  • Near Earth Objects (NEO): An enterprise data management and reporting tool for fostering communication and collaboration for the planetary defense community on near-earth asteroid and meteorite characteristics [+ More]
  • Project Management Tool (PMT): An enterprise web-enabled project management tool for managing NASA financial reporting
  • Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute (S3VI): An enterprise web search and reporting framework for disseminating relevant small spacecraft systems’ research data and results [+ More]

Archived Projects

  • Office of the Chief Information Officer Open Innovation Initiative: Provides tools and processes for code sharing, APIs, and data engagement with employees and citizens [+ More]
  • Web & Cloud Services Office (WSO): Provides Agency web governance and services for cloud-based hosting, site development, and operations


Group Lead
Peter Tran

Group Members
Dustin Cai
Jairon Camarillo
Warren Goodson
Kenneth Huang
Ron Instrella
Jonathan Maluf
Doris Norris
Tek Okimura
Jeff Olson
Randy Totah
Vu Tran
Anh Trinh
Andrew Williamson
Shuoran Zhang