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NASA Goddard Medical and Environmental Management Division

Finch, Kimberly
Chief, Medical and Environmental Management Division

Meyer, TJ
Deputy Chief, Medical and Environmental Management Division

Occupational Medicine and Wellness Programs

Ashton-Jones, Dr. Sheryl
Medical Director/Chief Medical Officer

Giscombe, Marla
Occupational Medicine and Wellness Program Manager

Environmental Management

Bonsteel, Michael
Air Emissions Compliance Program Manager

Bruner, Doug
Environmental Services Contract COR

Francisco, Kristi
Restoration Project Manager

Hooks, R. Owen
Wallops Regulated Substances, Storage Tanks, and Integrated Contingency Plan Compliance

Levine, Lori
Water Programs (Greenbelt), Oil Operations / Tanks (Greenbelt), Natural Resources Program (Wallops)

Liu, David
Restoration Program Manager

Miller, Shari
Environmental Planning Lead, Wallops NEPA Manager

Pollack, Janine
Industrial Wastewater Programs, Environmental Due Diligence, Freecycle@NASA

Romero, Irene
Greenbelt NEPA Manager, Cultural Resources Manager

Shane, Julie 
Compliance Lead, Wallops Water Compliance Programs Manager

Squibb, Darlene
Greenbelt Natural Resources, Affirmative Procurement and Recycling Support, Environmental Justice

Stein, Harry
Regulated Waste Program Manager, Greenbelt Regulated Substances Storage Tanks Compliance

Yargus, Ken
Hazardous Materials Management System Administrator, Environmental Management System (EMS) Lead