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Lactation Program

Goddard’s Workplace Lactation Program provides nursing mothers with private, sanitary, onsite space to express their breast milk.

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Program Manager: Marla Giscombe


Breastfeeding has been demonstrated to benefit the health of babies and mothers. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommend that mothers nurse their newborns for at least one year.


All nursing mothers onsite are welcome to participate in the Workplace Lactation Program.

Lactation Rooms

Each lactation room is administered by a Lactation Room Coordinators (LRC), an employee in the building who has been trained by the Health Unit in use of the pump and the industrial hygiene requirements.

Some rooms are equipped with Medela Symphony hospital grade breast pumps. Use of the breast pump is free; however, users will need to purchase their own personal kits. For most women, use of these pumps is faster (up to 75%) than use of personal pumps. Of course, mothers are welcome to use their personal pumps, if they prefer.


Nursing mothers are required to participate in a Lactation Program orientation session with one of the LRCs at an onsite location.

Participation also requires a signed agreement, which attests to familiarity with Lactation Program Policy, a
commitment to adherence to program ground-rules for use of the rooms and the pumps, and waiver of liability.

Room Scheduling

The LRC assigned to each location is responsible for scheduling that room. Please contact the Super Mom assigned to the room nearest you for availability and access information.

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