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NASA Glenn Leadership

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Organization Structure

Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Director: Laurence A. Sivic
Deputy Chief Financial Officer: Karen A. McLaughlin
Center Operations Directorate
Director: Robyn N. Gordon
Deputy Director: Mary C. Lester
Engineering Directorate
Director: Thomas W. Hartline
Acting Deputy Director: John D. Marinaro
Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Director: Renee J. Batts
Facilities and Test Directorate
Director: Rickey J. Shyne (Dr.)
Deputy Director: (Vacant)
Chief, Aircraft Operations: Alan J. Micklewright
Office of the Chief Counsel
Chief Counsel: J. William Sikora
Plum Brook Management Office
Director: David L. Stringer
Deputy Director: David E. Taylor
Office of Human Capital Management
Director:Lori O. Pietravoia
Deputy Director:Thomas A. Spicer
Aeronautics Research Office
Director: Marla E. Perez-Davis (Dr.)
Deputy Director: Gregory J. Follen
Space Flight Systems Directorate
Director: Bryan K. Smith
Acting Deputy Director: Joel Kearns 
Associate Director: Scott R. Graham
NASA Safety Center
Director: Alan H. Phillips
Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate
Director: Anita D. Liang
Acting Deputy Director: Konstantinos (Gus) S. Martzaklis
Research and Technology Directorate
Director: Jih-Fen Lei (Dr.)
Deputy Director: George R. Schmidt (Dr.)
Office of Technology Partnerships and Planning
Director: Howard D. Ross (Dr.)
Deputy Director: Robert J. Shaw (Dr.)
Office of the Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Officer: William R. (RJ) Humphries
Deputy Chief Information Officer: Sean M. Gallagher

Historical Biographies

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