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Ashlie B. Flegel

Ashlie B. Flegel

Deputy Director, Technology Integration and Partnerships

Ashlie B. Flegel serves as the deputy director of Technology Integration and Partnerships at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. She and the director share responsibility for aligning the center’s early-stage technology investments with its long-term technology goals, fostering strategic partnerships for economic development in the region, and transferring Glenn-developed technologies to private industry.

Prior to her current role, Flegel completed a fellowship in the White House Leadership Development Program. During this time, she served a year-long detail with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy within the Office of Management and Budget. Flegel worked to implement priority administration initiatives focused on small business subcontracting and growing innovative acquisition practices across the government.

Flegel also served as the deputy project manager of the Hybrid Thermally Efficient Core project within the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate at NASA. Flegel helped form the project and established the initial technology portfolio through awarding collaborative industry contracts. This project is critical to developing  technologies necessary to support the nation’s movement toward sustainable aviation.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Flegel has extensive knowledge of technology development from her project management and technical lead roles, her work on turbine and icing research, and her test facility engineering role. She also completed strategic assignments as a detailee with Glenn’s associate director of strategy.

Flegel earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo and a master’s degree from Cleveland State University in mechanical engineering. She is the recipient of the NASA Early Career Achievement Medal, the NASA Silver Group Achievement Medal, and numerous group achievement awards.