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Join the Artemis Mission to the Moon

Make,  launch,  teach,  compete  and  learn. Find your favorite way to be part of the Artemis mission.

Find your place in space

Two students man a rover built for the Human Exploration Rover Challenge (HERC).

Students compete in Artemis Student Challenges while building foundational knowledge on topics and technologies critical to the success of Artemis.

Explore hands-on activities and DIY projects.

Lessons and activities use space exploration as a theme for STEM subjects.

Become and Artemis expert with the latest graphics and shareable content for home and the classroom.

NASA is returning to the Moon and creating a sustained presence to use as a springboard for Mars exploration.

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"First Woman" Interactive Novel

Fictional astronaut Callie Rodriguez continues exploring space as the first woman to walk on the Moon in a new issue of NASA’s First Woman graphic novel series. Now available digitally in English and Spanish, “First Woman: Expanding Our Universe,” follows Callie and her crewmates as they work together to explore the unknown, make scientific discoveries, and accomplish their mission objectives.

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NASA First Woman

Artemis Camp Experience

Make your next camp about Artemis! Explore hands-on activities, instructional videos' and the Artemis I Launch Map infographic to bring the excitement of returning to the Moon to the Artemis Generation of Explorers.

Explore Modules about Artemis Camp Experience
Front cover of Artemis Camp Experience showing two cartoon astronauts with Mars, Earth's moon and Earth in the background

Decorate Your Space With Artemis

Become and Artemis expert with the latest graphics and shareable content for home and the classroom.

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Crawler and Mobile Launcher Virtual Background


Large Moon and Mars Virtual Background


SLS Virtual Background


Astronaut Regolith Virtual Background


Astronaut Step Virtual Background


Orion Virtual Background

moon phases

Moon Phases Virtual Background


The Gateway Virtual Background

NASA’s Space Launch System Rocket infographic for capabilities in deep space

Space Launch System Infographics

ESD Poster Set 4up

Artemis Poster

Build Your Own Orion

Lunar Background for Virtual Classroom

Backgrounds for Desktop and Mobile


Artemis-inspired Background Gallery for Virtual Classroom

Orion Background for Virtual Classroom

Orion Poster

Orion Collectibles

Photo of SLS on launchpad

Artemis I Launch Image Gallery