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Issue #1: Dream to Reality

Issue #1: Dream to Reality follows Callie's trailblazing path as the first woman on the Moon. Callie and her robot sidekick, RT, overcome setbacks, disappointment, and tragedy along the way. From her childhood dreams of space travel to being selected as an astronaut candidate, Callie takes us on her journey to the Moon.

Cover images of First Woman Graphic novel.

Issue #2: Expanding Our Universe

Issue #2: Expanding Our Universe picks up where we left off with Callie, RT, and Dan in a treacherous situation on the Moon. Callie and her new team, Astronaut Meshaya Billy and Canadian Astronaut Martin Tremblay, use their training and human ingenuity to deploy a next-generation space telescope. We see how teamwork and perseverance help the crew overcome the challenges of living and working on other worlds.


Issue #3: Coming Soon

Where does the crew go next? Find out in Issue #3!

First Woman App

First Woman App graphic novels are extended-reality (XR) enabled! Follow in Callie’s footsteps through immersive 3D virtual environments and see the NASA technologies that make it possible for Callie - and real-life astronauts - to live on the Moon. Download the First Woman app to:

  • Explore the lunar surface through 5 life-size environments
  • Interact with 3D models of real NASA technology
  • Go behind the scenes with RT to see the latest innovations in space exploration
  • Complete challenges to become a First Woman Mission Specialist!
Interior of ISS
Lunar Surface with habitat and equipment.
Astronaut holding up two fingers in peace symbol.
Interior space with astronauts laying down.
Rocket in space.
Astronaut on lunar surface with vehicle and equipment.
Lunar surface with habitat, vehicles, equipment, and astronaut.
The ground is being prep for new test area at Stennis Space Center.

Meet the Characters

Commander Callie Rodriguez

First Woman's hero, Calista Rodriguez, aka Callie, has a heroic aim: to be the first woman on the Moon. Callie's perseverance and passion allow her to make her dreams come true, but not without challenges along the way.


Callie's adventure is accompanied by her trusty robotic sidekick, RT. Created with artificial intelligence and named after her beloved father Arturo, as well as a tribute to the "Artemis" mission, RT's endearing quirks and delightful humor were an unexpected surprise, even to Callie.

Astronaut Meshaya Billy

Astronaut Meshaya Billy fearlessly ventures into lunar missions, displaying her exceptional piloting skills and a profound appreciation for the Moon rooted in her Native American heritage.

Technologies Featured in First Woman

NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate develops transformative technologies to enable future missions. Explore some of the real innovations for the Moon, Mars, and beyond featured in First Woman’s graphic novel and interactive experiences. Download the XR App to discover additional technologies.

First Woman builds awareness of real-life technologies that NASA is developing to get us further than we've ever gone before and improve life here on Earth. As an Air Force pilot and space shuttle commander, I can identify with the challenges Callie must face. This interactive app allows you to experience life in space as well!

Pamela Melroy
Pamela Melroy

Deputy Administrator

Interactive Missions with RT


Lunar Surface


Lunar Outpost


Lunar Crater




Telescope Mission


Inspiring the Next Generation

In First Woman, Callie stands on the shoulders of real-life women who broke barriers to establish “firsts” of their own. Learn more about the women who make history at NASA every day at

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