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Lunabotics robot in dirt terrain
Lunabotics robot in rocky terrain
Students working on a Lunabotics mining craft

Lunabotics Challenge

Lunabotics provides accredited institutions of higher learning students an opportunity to apply the NASA systems engineering process to design and build a prototype Lunar construction robot. This robot would be capable of performing the proposed operations on the Lunar surface in support of future Artemis Campaign goals.

About Lunabotics about Lunabotics Challenge

Event Dates

May 20-22, 2025

Event Location

Kennedy Space Center


Open to U.S. Students

grade levels

Vocational / Technical Schools, Colleges / Universities

Featured Story

Artemis Generation Shines During NASA’s 2024 Lunabotics Challenge 

Members of the Artemis Generation kicked up some simulated lunar dust as part of NASA’s 2024 Lunabotics Challenge, held at The…

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How to Apply

NASA Gateway OSTEM Application Portal

For more information on how to navigate the NASA Gateway OSTEM Application Website see “Appendix A. Gateway Team Application Instructions” at the end of the Lunabotics Guidebook.

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Inside the Lunarena, university students maneuver their remote-controlled excavators, called Lunabots, in a "sand box" of BP-1.

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Authentic, hands-on learning experiences give students in middle school all the way through graduate school a chance to flex their design and engineering skills as they build and launch high-powered rockets, design robots capable of mining the Moon’s surface or traversing difficult lunar terrain, create human-powered rovers, and test technologies and tools to assist future astronauts working on the Moon.

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