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At NASA, our engineers are turning dreams into reality. From designing the most powerful rockets intended for deep space exploration to building instruments that can sniff out water on Mars, we’re pioneering new ways to discover the universe. Our work is also making a difference closer to home. We’re developing cutting-edge technologies in alternative propulsion and supersonic flight to transform the future of aviation, right here on Earth.

Quick Facts

Turn Dreams Into Reality

We are visionary problem solvers and innovators who channel our ingenuity to make the impossible happen. And we’re passionate about what we do—it’s one of the reasons people love to work here. Our engineers have a genuine curiosity for how things work and a desire to solve unique problems that no one else in the world has been able to solve.

At NASA, you’ll have the freedom to shape your own career path based on your personal and professional goals. You’ll have the ability to move across the agency—whether you’re interested in pursuing a different project within your field, expanding your expertise in another engineering discipline or moving into management by leading more complex projects and teams.

To tackle our diverse missions, NASA hires 20 different types of engineers; the most common fields are aerospace, general, and computer engineers. We place an emphasis on engineers who can take a holistic, systems view to solve complex challenges.   We value technical chops—after all, we employ some of the world’s premier experts—but we also seek team players. No one can build a rocket alone. We’re looking for engineers that understand the value of working with diverse professionals to push the envelope of what’s technically possible. Be part of a team that shares in the work and the success—from concept to execution.

Want your work to make an impact? Join us!