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A Diverse Culture

At NASA, you’ll join a culture that values diversity, inclusion and accessibility as critical to mission success. NASA has a robust strategy to ensure diversity and inclusion is incorporated into our culture and business practices at all levels.  

Reasonable Accommodations

NASA has rigorous policies and procedures for processing Reasonable Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities (IWD). NASA is committed to providing timely and effective reasonable accommodations to the known physical or mental limitations of individuals (employees and job applicants) who meet the statutory definition of qualified individual with a disability. All 10 NASA centers have designated Disability Program Managers to process reasonable accommodation requests and provide technical assistance to employees, interns, managers, and supervisors in this area.  

Employee Resource Groups

We support a diverse, welcoming, inclusive and equitable NASA community through Employee Resource Groups that focus on critical segments of our workforce. These voluntary, employee led groups have the pulse of their constituent community and provide a sense of connection and belonging. They are powerful forums to support professional development, increase awareness and education, and help advance the agency’s mission and goals. NASA’s ERGs for individuals with disabilities promote the development, inclusion and innovation of NASA’s workforce with a focus on employees with disabilities and employees who are caregivers of family members with disabilities.  

Agency 508 Community

In addition to our ERGs, we also have a 508 community that consists of NASA professionals who work to enhance access to federal information technology (IT), identify and promote best practices for compliance with Section 508 law, and conformance to the Revised 508 standards. This group shares successful practices and information and engages advocacy groups, industry and academic around innovative solutions for accessible technology. 

Other Benefits

We believe if you take care of the people, they will take care of the mission. We offer fantastic benefits, like health insurance, life insurance, retirement plan, and a generous leave program, including paid holidays, paid parental leave, vacation, and sick time.  

We’re also committed to providing flexibility in your work hours and telecommuting or hybrid work options to help you achieve the balance that works for you. The pandemic changed the way the world approached work and NASA is taking a progressive approach to providing the flexibility for work to be performed where and when best supports the mission and employees.    

Schedule A Hiring Authority  

If you’re an individual with a disability, you may apply and compete for any job for which you are eligible and meet the qualifications, but you may also be hired under a special hiring authority. Federal agencies can use the Schedule A Hiring Authority to hire individuals with disabilities. View this video for more information.  

What is the Schedule A Authority? 

“Schedule A” is a special hiring authority that gives federal agencies an optional, and potentially quicker, way to hire individuals with disabilities. Applying under Schedule A is an exception to the traditional competitive hiring process. You can apply for jobs under Schedule A if you are a person with an intellectual disability, a severe physical disability or a psychiatric disability. 

Am I eligible for appointment under Schedule A? 

To be eligible under Schedule A, you must provide a “proof of disability” letter stating that you have an intellectual disability, severe physical disability or psychiatric disability. The letter must be from a licensed medical professional, a licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist, or any federal, state or local agency that issues or provides disability benefits. 

Applying using Schedule A can be a great way to get a federal job. However, federal agencies hire people using many options, so applying under Schedule A does not guarantee you a job. 

How do I apply for appointment under the Schedule A authority at NASA? 

You may apply to NASA vacancy announcements which are open to individuals eligible for Schedule A appointments. When you apply, you will be asked if you are Schedule A eligible, but will not be required to submit proof of your eligibility until it is requested by NASA. Review current NASA jobs open to Schedule A eligible here

Employee Spotlight

Spotlight:  Meet Loria West, a program analyst in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. She came to work at NASA as a summer college student. 

Additional Resources 

For more information, visit USAJOB’s webpage on individuals with a disability or the Equal Opportunity Commission’s “Tips for Applicants with Disabilities Applying for Federal Jobs”

Selective Placement Program Coordinators help agencies recruit, hire and accommodate people with disabilities. If you’re a person with a disability and interested in a job opportunity, contact NASA’s Selective Placement Program Coordinators and they can guide your through the application process and answer questions.

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