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Commander Moonikin Campos Graphic

Join our heroes on their Artemis adventure!

Cover art for Moonikin Comic Part 1

Meet Moonikin Campos

In the first part of Commander Moonikin Campos’ journey, our trailblazing hero prepares for liftoff from NASA’s spaceport at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, gets acquainted with the new hardware aboard Orion spacecraft, and meets his crewmates: Helga and Zohar!

Cover art for Moonikin Comic Part 2

Campos Flies to the Moon

In the second part of the trio’s adventure, Campos, Helga, and Zohar blast out of the Earth’s atmosphere with nearly 8.8 million pounds (4 million kg) of thrust powering their ascent. Next stop: the Moon.

Cover art for Moonikin Comic Part 3

Campos Returns to Earth

In the final chapter of the Artemis I mission, Campos and friends prepare for their return home, including the last and most dangerous part of their journey: reentering Earth’s atmosphere at a screeching 25,000 miles per hour (40,000 kph)

Moonikin Comic Strip cells

About Me

NASA is preparing for the Artemis I mission to the Moon and back. While there won’t be any astronauts aboard, that doesn’t mean the Orion spacecraft will be empty…

The Artemis I mission will be the most important step yet towards landing the first woman and the first person of color on the Moon. This mission will be the first flight test of the integrated Space Launch System rocket and the Orion spacecraft — the same system that will send Artemis astronauts to the Moon.

The importance of this mission cannot be emphasized enough. We need someone capable to test the vehicle. Someone with the necessary experience. Someone with the Right Stuff. (Or… stuffing). Someone like…

Commander Moonikin Campos

Artist rendering of Commander Moonikin Campos

Named after the legendary Arturo Campos, an electrical engineer who was instrumental to saving the Apollo 13 crew, I will occupy the commander’s seat during the Artemis I mission while wearing the shiny new Orion Crew Survival System flight suit. (Readers with keen eyes will notice that the Apollo 13 insignia is reflected in my visor. More on that here.)

I will be joined by my two crewmates, Helga and Zohar. As a part of NASA’s collaboration with Israel Space Agency (ISA) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), my quirky companions will be testing a radiation protection vest. Together, we will collect data on what future astronauts will be experiencing on future Artemis missions to the Moon!

What’s next for our team’s upcoming adventure to the Moon? Dive into the comic to find out!

Moonikin Comic Strip cells


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