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NASA STEM Forward to the Moon Activity Guide

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NASA STEM Forward to the Moon Activity Guide Cover


Educators, Students

Grade Levels

Grades K-4, Grades 5-8, Informal Education


Life Science, Mathematics, Physical Science, Space Science, Technology, Living and Working in Space, Measurement and Data Analysis, Microgravity, Solar System and Planets, Missions to Planets and Moons, Earth's Moon, Rocketry, Space Vehicles


Hands-on Activities, Play and Learn

These hands-on science activities may be done at home with family, at summer camp or in a classroom. The activities supplement the STEM Education segment of the Apollo Anniversary broadcast first aired on NASA TV July 19, 2019.

The guide uses STEM activities to share NASA’s plans to go forward to the Moon by 2024. Activities include:

  • Demonstrating sizes and distances of Earth, the International Space Station, the Moon and Mars.
  • Making balloon rockets with a payload.
  • Simulating gravity with magnets.
  • Making a water filtration system with a 2-liter bottle.
  • Designing a lunar habitat.
  • Simulating finding oxygen on the Moon.

Links to related videos support the activities and three themes of the guide: Leaving Earth, Orbiting the Moon on Gateway and Landing on the Moon.

NASA STEM Forward to the Moon Educators Guide

NASA STEM Forward to the Moon Heavy Lifting Activity

NASA STEM Forward to the Moon Cleaning Water Activity

NASA STEM Forward to the Moon Habitat Planning Activity
Watch the STEM Forward to the Moon broadcast (previously recorded) to see the next generation of explorers conduct Moon landing simulations PLUS engineering design challenges using simple household materials.