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App Development Challenge

The ADC is a coding challenge in which NASA presents technical problems to middle and high school students seeking student contributions to deep space exploration missions. By responding to the ADC, students take a part directly in the Artemis Generation endeavors to land American astronauts, including the first woman and first person of color on the Moon. Utilizing what we learn on and around the Moon to take the giant leap: sending the first astronauts to Mars.

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Event Dates

April 15-18, 2024

Event Location

Johnson Space Center


Open to U.S. Students

grade levels

Middle and High School

ADC Handbook and Coding Components

The ADC Handbook will provide all the details for the challenge and how to get started.

Detailed information regarding the challenge and additional resources are available in the ADC Handbook under the sections entitled “Middle School Challenge” and “High School Challenge”.

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App Development Challenge 2024 Handbook with the image of the moon in the background

Educator Guides

Deep Space Communications

Four standards-aligned activities help students learn about the fundamental concepts of communication technology.

Propulsion With the Space Launch System

Four standards-aligned activities help students learn about rocketry and NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

Habitation With Gateway

Four standards-aligned activities help students learn about NASA's future lunar habitat, the Gateway.

Crew Transportation With Orion

Four standards-aligned activities help students learn about NASA's Orion spacecraft that will take astronauts to the Moon and beyond.

Join Artemis!

Authentic, hands-on learning experiences give students in middle school all the way through graduate school a chance to flex their design and engineering skills as they build and launch high-powered rockets, design robots capable of mining the Moon’s surface or traversing difficult lunar terrain, create human-powered rovers, and test technologies and tools to assist future astronauts working on the Moon.

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