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Former NASA Astronaut, Leland Melvin, talks to school children during an Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education event.

NASA STEM Artemis Moon Trees

NASA Finds New Homes for Artemis Generation of ‘Moon Trees’ Across US. After careful review of hundreds of applications, NASA has selected organizations from across the country to receive ‘Moon Tree’ seedlings that flew around the Moon on the agency’s Artemis I mission in 2022, to plant in their communities. Notifications to selected institutions will be made in phases.

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Competitive Grant Opportunity

NASA Teams Engaging Affiliated Museums and Informal Institutions (TEAM II)

Next Gen STEM, a project of NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement, enables informal education institutions to bring meaningful NASA connections and mission-inspired STEM content and programs into their communities via the TEAM II competitive awards program.

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Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana talks to children during Take a Child to Work Day.

Museum and Informal Education (MIE) Alliance

The Museum and Informal Education Alliance is an active community of practice that provides informal educators with access to NASA resources.

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Interior of a museum showing cool NASA artifacts

Visit NASA

The NASA visitor centers invite you to share in America's triumphant adventures in space. Our family of world-class facilities wants your family to experience our unique blend of education and entertainment. It's an insider's view that only we could offer.

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The Rocket Garden and fountain at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida are lit in green and red for Holidays.

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A person looking through a telescope at dusk