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NASA Astronaut Michael GernhardtIn Their Own Words:
NASA Astronaut Michael Gernhardt recalls his spacewalking experiences and what inspired him to "greater heights."

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Astronaut Nicole Stott Stott's Journey Home
Astronaut Nicole Stott's return to Earth marked a first and a last.

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Career Information

Have you ever thought that one day you might work for NASA? Many students have written, asking "What do I need to study to work for NASA?" The fact is NASA needs workers that have a wide variety of knowledge and skills. NASA isn't just astronauts and scientists. NASA has engineers, mathematicians, technicians, accountants, historians, writers, computer support people, project managers, artists, educators, human resource personnel, public relations managers, physicians, lawyers -- and more. The most important thing for preparing to find a job at NASA is that you study what you like and work hard to achieve your goals.

Career Information From NASA

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Don Smolenski (left), Chris Ferguson and Joe Banner Philadelphia Eagles Honor Astronaut Chris Ferguson
NASA astronaut Chris Ferguson was honored on Nov. 7 in his hometown by the Philadelphia Eagles. Ferguson was named Honorary Captain during the NFL's "Monday Night Football" game. The Eagles hosted the Chicago Bears at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

Astronaut Chris Ferguson throws out first pitch Phillies Honor Commander Chris Ferguson
STS-135 Commander Chris Ferguson threw out the first pitch Sunday night for the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.

Shannon Walker Houston, We Have an Astronaut
Houston. It was the first word from the moon, and the city has served as the home of Mission Control and the nation’s human spaceflight program for more than 40 years. But even though Houston has been the home of NASA's astronaut corps for decades, the city has never had a hometown astronaut -- until now.

John Grunsfeld Former Chief Scientist and Hubble Astronaut to Retire
Astronaut John Grunsfeld, who flew three times to service Hubble, is leaving NASA to become the deputy director of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Astronaut & Terrible Towel Return to Pittsburgh Astronaut & Terrible Towel Return to Pittsburgh
Astronaut and U.S. Air Force Colonel Mike Fincke has taken the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers to new heights! During his command of Expedition 18 onboard the International Space Station, Fincke flew the iconic "Terrible Towel" for his favorite team and sent a message to them for their 2009 Super Bowl game.

Astronaut Bill McArthur West Point Welcomes Home One of Their Heroes
Almost four decades after graduating from West Point, astronaut Bill McArthur was invited to return to his alma mater as part of the Army’s annual homecoming celebration and NASA’s Hometown Heroes campaign.

Mike Massimino Astro Mike Rockets to a Million on Twitter
Astronaut Mike Massimino, the first human to tweet from space, recently became the first astronaut to reach one million followers on Twitter.

Astronaut Sandra H. Magnus St. Louis Cardinals Honor Sandra Magnus
In late August, the St. Louis Cardinals took NASA Astronaut Sandra Magnus to the ball game to throw out the first pitch. Magnus isn’t part of the Cardinals’ starting line-up, but she is a hometown hero.

Career Profiles

Molly Moore interviews Leland MelvinInterview With Leland Melvin
Middle school student Molly Moore interviews NASA's Associate Administrator for Education, Leland Melvin.

Lori GarverWomen @ NASA
The Women @ NASA website was developed to encourage more young women to pursue careers in mathematics, science and technology.
› Women@NASA Website  →
› A Tribute to Women at NASA
› Aspire 2 Inspire Website  →

Women of SDO series logoWomen of SDO
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is making history. Meet some of women of SDO as they share their journeys to becoming scientists, engineers or other professionals.

Huu Phuoc TrinhRocketry: Career Corner
Scientists and engineers talk about their career paths in the field of rocketry and their work at NASA.

Arin Morfopoulos and two robots Robotics: Career Corner
What's the best way to become a robotics expert? Scientists and engineers at NASA reveal how their career paths led to the world of robotics.

 Front of NASA: Your Future and Ours poster NASA: Your Future and Ours Poster
Several members of NASA's family have shared their stories on this poster.
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› Spanish Version

A young lady standing next to a graphic of Earth with lines crossing it NASA People
Read feature articles about the people who work for NASA, and learn about the contributions they are making. You may also access links to videos, interactive features and more.

 Front of NASA: Your Future and Ours poster Astronaut Biographies  →
Explore the interests and educational backgrounds of current and former astronauts.

Hubble Stars poster Hubble Stars
An interactive poster and mini interviews feature the broad diversity and talents of individuals who help design, build, operate, maintain or tell the story of Hubble.

The words NASA Profiles set on a starry space background Careers in Spaceflight  →
Read profiles of people who work for NASA in the fields of science, math, computers and engineering.

Duane Waliser at a glacier Meet an Earth Explorer
Read about NASA's Earth Explorers and learn more about what they do.

NASA Space Place logo Space Place Live!  →
Watch these cartoon videos of scientists and engineers who work on space and Earth missions. Learn what it's like to work at NASA, how they got started and what they like to do for fun.

A picture of Albert Einstein is shown in front of a cosmic background Meet a Space Science Explorer
Read about NASA's Space Science Explorers and learn about what they do.

Astronauts in training with words Behind the Scenes above their heads Behind the Scenes: Meet the People  →
Thousands of people make up the U.S. space program. They come from different backgrounds and had different dreams. At this site, meet some of the best and brightest people helping NASA achieve its goals.

Imagine the Universe logo Imagine the Universe: Scientist Profiles →
Have you ever wondered how scientists work to understand the skies around us? Or wondered what rocket scientists do at NASA? Learn more at this site.

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