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Interactive Virtual Tours of NASA Robotics Facility

Using video-sharing technology, students can take a virtual tour of the Goddard Satellite Servicing Center at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

With one of Goddard’s top engineers transported to their classroom, students are able to actively discuss NASA’s latest technologies and how they could one day join the efforts to impact our nation’s exploration and use of space.
This program is available to schools across the nation! All that is needed in the classroom is a projector connected to a computer, a webcam, microphone, and the ability to share video (through platforms such as Skype or Google+).

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The complementary Servicing Technology Center supports the Robotic Refueling Mission as well as other space station experiments.
NASA Robotics Facility

"Pass the Torque" Series

In this series, you can learn all about NASA technology from the comfort of your home! Every week, we interview a new subject matter expert on a specific topic ranging from robotics, to astronaut tools, to Artemis, and more.

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Title screen of “Pass the Torque” video series