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Apollo 10 mission patch

Apollo 10

Occurred 55 years ago

Mission Type

Lunar Landing Preparation


Thomas Stafford, Eugene Cernan, John Young


May 18, 1969


May 26, 1969
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Apollo 10: Mission Details

Mission Objective The Apollo 10 mission encompassed all aspects of an actual crewed lunar landing, except the landing. It was…

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Thomas P. Stafford


General Stafford was selected among the second group of astronauts in September 1962 by NASA to participate in Projects Gemini and Apollo. He has flown on four space missions, logging a total of 507 hours and 43 minutes in space. He has flown over 127 different types of aircraft and helicopters and four different types of spacecraft.

More About Thomas P. Stafford
Portrait of Apollo 10 astronaut Tom Stafford
Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford, Apollo 10 commander.

Apollo 10 Articles

Read more about Apollo 10: the mission that cleared the way for the first Moon landing.

Remembering Gene Cernan
5 min read

Eugene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, died Monday, Jan. 16, surrounded by his family. Cernan, a…

50 Years Ago: Apollo 10 Clears the Way for the first Moon Landing
8 min read

“Houston, we are returning to Earth!” With those words, Apollo 10 Commander Thomas P. Stafford announced that the Trans Earth…

50 Years Ago: Charlie Brown and Snoopy in Lunar Orbit
9 min read

Following a trouble-free three-day journey from Earth, Apollo 10 slipped behind the Moon, and communications with Mission Control was temporarily…

50 Years Ago: Apollo 10 to Sort Out the Unknowns
7 min read

As Commander Thomas P. Stafford stated during a preflight press conference, Apollo 10 was planned to “sort out all the…

50 Years Ago: One Week to Apollo 10
3 min read

The May 18, 1969, launch of Apollo 10 was only one week away, and the flight crew of Commander Thomas…

50 Years Ago: Apollo 10 Passes Countdown Demonstration Test
4 min read

Two weeks before the Apollo 10 launch, engineers at Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39B worked to overcome a problem…

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