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Apollo 12

Occurred 55 years ago

"The Pinpoint Mission…"

Mission Type

Lunar Landing


Charles Conrad Jr., Alan L. Bean, Richard F. Gordon Jr.


Nov. 14, 1969


Nov. 24, 1969
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Apollo 12: The Pinpoint Mission

Mission Objective The primary mission objectives of the second crewed lunar landing included an extensive series of lunar exploration tasks…

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Charles Conrad Jr.,


In September of 1962, Mr. Conrad was selected as an astronaut by NASA. His first flight was Gemini V, which established the space endurance record and placed the United States in the lead for man-hours in space. As commander of Gemini XI, Mr. Conrad helped to set a world’s altitude record. He then served as commander of Apollo XII, the second lunar landing. On Mr. Conrad’s final mission, he served as commander of Skylab II, the first United States Space Station.

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Portrait of Pete Conrad
Astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad Jr. portrait.

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50 Years Ago: Apollo 12 Astronauts Return from “Bullseye” World Tour
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Three months after returning from the second Moon landing mission, Apollo 12 astronauts prepared to embark on another major journey,…

50 Years Ago: Apollo 12 Astronauts Leave Quarantine
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For the first time in nearly four weeks, Apollo 12 astronauts Charles “Pete” Conrad, Richard F. Gordon, and Alan L.…

50 Years Ago: Apollo 12 Return to Houston
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Apollo 12 splashed down in the South Pacific 375 miles east of Pago Pago, American Samoa, on Nov. 24, 1969,…

50 Years Ago: “Three More Like Before” – The Recovery of Apollo 12
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Selected as the Prime Recovery Ship (PRS) for Apollo 12 on Aug. 17, 1969, USS Hornet (CVS-12) steamed out of…

Repeat Performance: Apollo 12 Achieves Second Moon Landing
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It wasn’t an easy task to follow Apollo 11, the first Moon landing, but the crew of Apollo 12 achieved…

50 Years Ago: Apollo 12 – The Journey Home
8 min read

Apollo 12 astronauts Charles “Pete” Conrad and Alan L. Bean were in high spirits when they re-entered their Lunar Module…

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New NASA Study Reveals Origin of Organic Matter in Apollo Lunar Samples

A team of NASA-funded scientists has solved an enduring mystery from the Apollo missions to the moon – the origin…

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