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Jason Allmaras
California Institute of Technology
Modeling and Development of Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors

Taylor Baildon
University of Michigan
Precision Foreground Removal in Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Maps

Matthew Baird
Western Michigan University
Understanding newly discovered oscillation modes in magnetically shielded Hall thrusters utilizing state of the art high speed diagnostics

Elizabeth Barrios
University of Central Florida
Polymer Derived Ceramic Nanocomposites for Advanced Thermoelectrics

Conor Benson
University of Colorado, Boulder
Long-Term Rotational Dynamics of Defunct Earth-Orbiting Satellites

Eric Bersin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Quantum Networking and Sensing using a Diamond Nanophotonic Circuit

Jacob Boyer
Ohio State University
Development of III-V/Si Multijunction Space Photovoltaics

Julian Brew
Georgia Institute of Technology
Computationally Tractable Reachability Subspace Surfaces Applied to Space Operations

Carl Bunge
Washington State University
Heisenberg vortex for light-weight refrigeration of liquid hydrogen

Colin Burke
University of California, Berkeley
Tuning electrochemical intermediate solvation via cation additives to increase nonaqueous lithium-oxygen battery capacity

Ashley Carlton
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Autonomous Fault Identification and Handling Algorithms for Spacecraft

Daniel Case
University of Colorado, Boulder
Passive Radiation Shielding: Integrating Multilayer and Multipurpose Materials into Space Habitat Design

Abhishek Cauligi
Stanford University
Perception-Aware Spacecraft Motion Planning

Britany Chamberlain
Utah State University
Evaluation of Additively-Manufactured, Consumable Structure Options for Small Spacecraft Propulsion Systems

Joel Chapman
Georgia Institute of Technology
Electrified Liquid Jets from Nanostructured Surfaces for Phase Change Heat Transfer Enhancement

Caitlyn Cooke
University of Colorado, Boulder
Integrated Submillimeter-Wave InP HBT Electronics for Atmospheric Radiometry

Andrew Cox
Purdue University
Trajectory Design in a Combined Low-Thrust Multi-Body Environment

Angie Crews
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Calibration and Validation for Constellations of Remote Sensing CubeSats with Microwave Radiometers

Garrison Crouch
University of Notre Dame
Photonic and Quantum Interactions of Atomic-Scale Junctions

Mallory Daly
University of California, Berkeley
Design and Control of a Twelve-Bar Tensegrity Robot

David Dang
University of Michigan
Development of High-Fidelity Material Response Modeling for Resin-Infused Woven Thermal Protection System

Zachary Duca
Georgia Institute of Technology
Technology Readiness Level Elevation of the Enceladus Organic Analyzer (EOA) for Outer-Planetary in situ Organic Analysis

David Elliott
Cornell University
Exploration of Extreme Terrain Using a Polyhedral Rover

Eugene Fang
Carnegie Mellon University
Innovations for Fast, Accurate, Robust Planetary Rover Navigation

Serena Ferraro
California Institute of Technology
New Designs for Modular Ultra-Light Precision Space Structures

Richard Fineman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Human Performance Metrics for Spacesuit Evaluation

Jordan French
University of Utah
3D imaging of damage in biaxially loaded composites at cryogenic temperatures using a novel micro-CT experiment

Hiroshi Furuya
Columbia University
Collaborative Augmented Reality with Hands-Free Gesture Control for Remote Astronaut Training and Mentoring

Christine Gregg
University of California, Berkeley
Mechanics of Digital Lattice Materials for Re-configurable Space Structures

LoriAnne Groo
University of Michigan
ZnO Piezoelectric Nanowires for Use in a Self-Powered Structural Health Monitoring Device for Fiber-Reinforced Composites

Harold Haldren
University of Virginia
Nondestructive Evaluation of Adhesive Bond Strength by Ultrasonic Phase Measurements

Caleb Hammer
University of Maryland, College Park
Heat Transfer Mechanisms for Flow Boiling in Microgravity using Quantum Dots as Temperature Sensors

Roland Herrmann-Stanzel
University of Vermont
Energy Accommodation from Surface Catalyzed Reactions in Air Plasmas

Nozomi Hitomi
Cornell University
Design and Optimization of Space System Architectures: Applying and Extracting Lessons Learned

Peter Knapp
University of Illinois
Strain Sensors Based on Sandwich Structures of Crumpled Graphene for Structural Health Monitoring

Rufat Kulakhmetov
Purdue University
Measurement and Modeling of Surface Coking in Fuel-Film Cooled Liquid Rocket Engines

Omar Leon
University of Michigan
Understanding and Mitigating the Charging Behavior of Next Generation Complex and Active Spacecraft

Mike Lotto
University Of Colorado, Boulder
Assessing the Feasibility of using Co-electrolysis with Task-Specific Ionic Liquids to Produce Methane and Oxygen for Martian In-Situ Resource Utilization

Brendan Marozas
University of Rochester
Investigation of Superlattice Surface Characteristics

James S McCabe
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Multitarget Approaches to Robust Navigation

Kristin Nichols
University Of Colorado, Boulder
Mobility in the small body environment: Close proximity landing and surface dynamics

Evan Ogden
University of Texas at Austin
Musculoskeletal Model of the Human Shoulder for Enhanced Understanding of Human-Device Interactions During EVA

Jonathan Papa
University of Rochester
Four-Mirror Freeform Reflective Imaging Systems

Seth Pedersen
William Marsh Rice University
Understanding and Mitigating Scale Formation on Membranes Used for Membrane Distillation of Wastewater During Space Travel

Greg Phlipot
California Institute of Technology
Prediction and Optimization of Truss Performance for Lightweight, Intelligent Packaging and Deployable Structures

Yasvanth Poondla
University of Texas at Austin
Discrete Velocity Method for Simulating Rarefied Gas Flows with Plasma

Robert Pritchett
Purdue University
A Numerical Method to Generate Reference Trajectories for Optimization Methods to Support Low-Thrust Mission Design

William Sanchez
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Development and Testing of Autonomous On-Orbit Assembly and Servicing Systems Using the SPHERES Testbed

Abigail Sevier
Case Western Reserve University
Feasibility Study of a Magnetic Suspension System for Testing the Dynamic Stability of Blunt Bodies in NASA GRC’s 225 square centimeter Supersonic Wind Tunnel

Nathaniel Skolnik
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Utilization of Self-Healing Materials in Thermal Protection System Applications

Arul Suresh
Stanford University
Engineering Gecko-Inspired Adhesives for Robotic Mobility and Manipulation in Microgravity

Sydney Taylor
Arizona State University
Temperature-Modulated Radiative Coatings for Dynamic Thermal Management of Spacecraft

Darren Tinker
Vanderbilt University
An Additively Manufactured Torch Igniter for Liquid Propellants

Samuel Wald
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Evolvable Habitation Architectures for Long-duration Human Exploration Systems

Michael Werner
Georgia Institute of Technology
Development of an Earth Smallsat Flight Test to Demonstrate Viability of Mars Aerocapture

Julian Whitman
Carnegie Mellon University
Automatic Specialization of Modular Robot Limbs

Patrick Wittick
University of Texas at Austin
Orbit Databases and Fast Gravity Fields for Rapid Trajectory Design Near Small Bodies

Jason Yoo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Developing quantum dot absorptive filter array-based miniaturized spectrometer for space applications