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Loftid on board a ship in the ocean
Two mechanical engineers working on the calibration gas system
From left to right: Frank Soboczenski, Lead Machine Learning Scientist; Philippe Ludivig, Lead Payload Engineer; Sara Jennings, CEO and Principal Investigator; and Kolbron Schoenberger, Payload Science Intern.

STMD Solicitations and Opportunities

This page provides information about ways to engage with STMD through current and forthcoming solicitations or opportunities. Please also view STMD’s Tipping Point and Announcement of Collaboration Opportunities page. To see what STMD opportunities might be best suited for you, visit TechPort.

TechPort about STMD Solicitations and Opportunities

Open Solicitations and Opportunities

Early Stage Innovations (ESI24)

NOI's Due: May 9, 2024, Proposals Due: June 6, 2024