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Two mechanical engineers working on the calibration gas system
From left to right: Frank Soboczenski, Lead Machine Learning Scientist; Philippe Ludivig, Lead Payload Engineer; Sara Jennings, CEO and Principal Investigator; and Kolbron Schoenberger, Payload Science Intern.


Space Tech Resources include ways to learn more about our technologies and the policies and partnerships that influence their development. You’ll also find a variety of activities to engage further with our innovations.

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TechPort – Find it, Build it, Share it.

TechPort is a web-based database that showcases NASA technologies, providing key insights on past, current, and planned developments. TechPort transforms this technology development data into information that unlocks new discoveries, analysis, collaboration, partnership and communication.

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Earth from space.

Policy Documents

Various images of people and NASA technologies.

NASA Space Technology Strategic Framework

STMD organizes the agency’s technology investments into its Strategic Framework, with the goal of addressing its desired outcomes through technology development. The framework is comprised of 18 Capability Areas, grouped into four categories of investment called Thrusts: Go, Land, Live and Explore.

Various vehicles in space above the Earth.

2020 NASA Technology Taxonomy

The 2020 NASA Technology Taxonomy provides a structure for articulating the technology development disciplines needed to enable future space missions and support commercial air travel.

ISS above the Earth.

NASA's Fiscal Year Budget Documents

Get the latest on the State of NASA. Here you'll find the agency's fiscal year budget requests, summaries, fact sheets, and more.

First Woman

Discover the First Woman digital universe. Read the graphic novels in English and Spanish, access educational tools and experiences, and learn about real space technologies for our missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond!

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Mobile Applications

A phone is set against a dark background and has the words First Woman on the screen denoting the First Woman graphic novel now available as an app

First Woman

First Woman graphic novels are extended-reality (XR) enabled! Follow in Callie’s footsteps through immersive 3D virtual environments and see the NASA technologies that make it possible for Callie – and real-life astronauts – to live on the Moon.

NASA's Technology Innovation App

Technology Innovation Digital Magazine

Digital publication featuring the latest space technology innovators and project developments across the agency, highlighting the American inventors, entrepreneurs and application engineers who have transformed space exploration technologies into products that benefit the nation.

NASA App on iPad


Showcasing a huge collection of the latest NASA content, including images, videos on-demand, NASA Television, mission information, news & feature stories, latest tweets, ISS sighting opportunities, satellite tracking, Third Rock Radio and much more.Learn about the history of Glenn Research Center.

Trace Space Back to You: NASA Home and City

Have you ever wondered how space exploration and research impact your daily life?

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Artist rendition of two floating pieces of Earth. One has a house and fence on it and the other has a small city with various buildings on it including the home.