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Illustration of a Mars transit habitat and nuclear propulsion system that could one day take astronauts to Mars.
A blazar jet in the middle of a galaxy makes it appear especially bright
Waxing gibbous moon.

Space Technology Research Grants

STMD’s Space Technology Research Grants Program (STRGP) accelerates the development of low TRL space technologies to support future space science and exploration needs of NASA, other government agencies, and the commercial space sector.

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Program Executive

Matthew Deans

Program manager

Hung Nguyen

Opportunities and Awards

partial Earth and Moon

Space Tech Graduate Research (NSTGRO)

The sun's glint beams off the Atlantic Ocean

Early Career Faculty (ECF)

The Full Moon above the coast of Tunisia

Early Stage Innovations (ESI)

artist rendition of nasa equipment that can withstand extreme temperatures on the lunar surface.

Lunar Surface Technology Research (LuSTR)

Solar Electric Propulsion

Space Technology Research Institutes (STRI)