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Facet image showing airplanes in flight across the United States.
Artist concept showing various projects the SWS team works on, from developing new data solutions, new technology and the safety risks associated with it, from robotics to unmanned aircraft and more.
Artist illustration of an unmanned passenger aircraft preparing to land on the vertiport.

System-Wide Safety Project

The transformation of aviation to make flight more efficient and accessible, even as the global demand for air transportation services steadily increases, will require new research tools, innovative technologies, and operational methods. Enabling this to be done safely at every step is the goal of the System-Wide Safety (SWS) project.

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Project Manager

Dr. Kyle Ellis

Deputy project manager

Summer Brandt

Associate Project Manager

Dr. Wendy Okolo

Associate Project Manager

Michael Vincent

NASA Research to Help Mitigate Risks Around Airports

To keep our nation’s busiest airports running smoothly, thousands of people and systems must work harmoniously to manage the risks associated with commercial passenger and cargo transport.

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