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An artist’s conception of an urban air mobility environment with various unmanned aircraft within a city.
Artist illustration of various unmanned aircraft concepts in flight. In the foreground is a city vehicles and in the background is the rural areas.
Performing shakedown tests with drones in Reno, Nevada.

Air Mobility Pathfinders Project

NASA’s vision for Air Mobility Pathfinders (AMP) is to help emerging aviation markets to safely develop an air transportation system that moves people and cargo between places previously not served or underserved by aviation – local, regional, intraregional, urban – using revolutionary new aircraft that are only just now becoming possible. AMP includes NASA’s work on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and will provide substantial benefit to U.S. industry and the public.

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Karen Cate


Neil O’Connor

deputy project manager, technology

Ken Goodrich

Chief Engineer

Colin Theodore

Emerging Aviation Markets

Illustration of a drone in silhouette against a red, smoke-filled sky

Emergency Response Operations

NASA’s Advanced Capabilities for Emergency Response Operations project – led by the agency’s Ames Research Center in California – is using drones and advanced aviation technologies to improve wildland fire coordination and operations.

Artist illustration showing how to implement a Safety Re-Route due to adverse weather predicted.

Safety is Paramount

The System-Wide Safety project is developing a new technology called the In-time Aviation Safety Management System, which will automate safety assurance and risk management functions performed manually today.

Artist illustration showing a parking garage for advanced air mobility vehicles. It shows landing zones as well as Gate 1 and 2.

Building the Infrastructure

NASA researchers are considering the network infrastructure required so these aircraft can digitally communicate with each other and traffic management services, as well as brick and mortar infrastructure such as candidate landing surfaces.