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Artist illustration of an unmanned passenger aircraft preparing to land on the vertiport.
U.S. Army 37% scale powered model of Army Kiowa Warrior helicopter at NASA Langley's 14 by 22 Foot Subsonic Tunnel, 2013.
The Moog SureFly aircraft hovers above Cincinnati Municipal Airport during an acoustic hover test.

Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology Project

With their unique ability to take off and land from any spot, as well as hover in place, vertical lift vehicles are increasingly being contemplated for use in new ways that go far beyond those considered when thinking of traditional helicopters. NASA’s Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology (RVLT) project is working with partners in government, industry, and academia to develop critical technologies that enable revolutionary new air travel options, especially those associated with Advanced Air Mobility, such as large cargo-carrying vehicles and passenger-carrying air taxis.

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