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Artist concept of a hybrid wing body flying above the clouds.
NASA’s DC-8 airborne laboratory is inspected and secured for the night at Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Florida.
Artist illustration of a D8 Double Bubble aircraft.

Advanced Air Transport Technology Project

The Advanced Air Transport Technology (AATT) project is NASA’s vision for advanced fixed-wing transport aircraft that features revolutionary energy efficiency and environmental compatibility. The overarching goal of the AATT project is to explore and develop technologies and concepts to enable this vision.

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Project manager

Dr. Dale Van Zante

Deputy Project Manager

Melinda Cagle


Scott Anders

CHIEF TECHNOLOGIST for Propulsion (Acting)

Ezra McNichols

Flying Electric without Taking Off

Sustainable aircraft of the future are going to need propulsion systems that can use technology to generate power comparable to the equipment used in today’s commercial jets.

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