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An illustration of a hypersonic vehicle. The vehicle is skinny, long, and somewhat rectangular from overhead with delta wings. It is covered in black tiles and has the NASA logotype and logo.
An angled, rectangular block of metal fires into a round exhaust duct. Mist flows over the corners and around the whole model.
Test hardware pressed in the middle of a chamber with glowing coils.

Hypersonic Technology Project

NASA is working to enable routine, reusable, airbreathing hypersonic flight by conducting fundamental and applied research to enable a broad spectrum of hypersonic systems and missions.

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Project Manager

Mary Jo Long-Davis

Deputy Project Manager

Andrea Storch

Boundary Layer Turbulence 2 Flight

A two-stage suborbital sounding rocket launched in March 2022 to study boundary layer transition, turbulent heating, and drag on vehicles flying at hypersonic conditions.

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A metal tube with a four-sided, pointed tip strapped to a work table.

Research Topic Areas

The Hypersonic Technology (HT) Project organizes its work into distinct research topic areas.

HT explores four key topics in hypersonics: system-level design, analysis, and validation; propulsion technologies, vehicles technologies; and high-temperature, durable materials.

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A wireframe image of an aircraft being designed.
A wireframe image of an aircraft being designed.