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Questions about the STRG program may be directed to Claudia Meyer.

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Space Technology Research Grants (STRG)

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About Space Technology Research Grants

NASA Asks Universities For Early Stage Innovation Tech Proposals!
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The Space Technology Research Grants Program is accelerating the development of "push" technologies to support the future space science and exploration needs of NASA, other government agencies and the commercial space sector. Innovative efforts with high risk and high payoff are being encouraged. Investment in innovative low-TRL research increases knowledge and capabilities in response to new questions and requirements, stimulates innovation, and allows more creative solutions to problems constrained by schedule and budget. Moreover, it is investment in fundamental research activities that has historically benefited the Nation on a broader basis, generating new industries and spin-off applications.

The Program is composed of two competitively awarded components: NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships and Space Technology Research Opportunities.

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