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Small Satellite Reliability Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM-1) Agenda and Presentations

14-15 February 2017, Avery Library, Caltech


The challenges and approach for this technical interchange meeting, along with targeted outcomes are available in this document: Small Satellite Reliability Technical Interchange Meeting Agenda.

Day 1

Welcome, Logistics Harald Schone/JPL
8:10 Why are we here? Ground rules. Reliability initiative genesis and execution strategy. Current state vs. targeted future state. TIM objectives and success criteria. Michael Seablom/NASA HQ, Michael Johnson/NASA GSFC, Pat Beauchamp/JPL

SmallSat Reliability Initiative Drivers
8:25 Government Talks (15 minutes) – Pat Beauchamp, Facilitator
Invited NASA science talk. Science mission drivers #1 – John Baker/JPL
Invited NASA science talk. Science mission drivers #2 – Larry Kepko/ NASA GSFC
Invited NASA science talk. Science mission drivers #3 – Jason Hyon/JPL
− Invited DoD talk. DoD operational mission drivers – Charlene Jacka/AFRL
Invited NOAA talk. NOAA drivers – Dan Mamula/NOAA
− Government talks question/answer – John, Larry, Jason, Charlene, Dan

10:00 Break

SmallSat Reliability- Lessons Learned from Spaceflight Missions
10:20 (15 minutes each) – Tom Fairbanks, Facilitator
Invited industry presentation #2: Univ. of Michigan – James Cutler
Invited industry presentation #3: Planet – Michael Rubel

Risk Classification
10:50 Subject Matter Expert (SME) Sub-team Risk Classification presentation – SME Sub-Team
11:10 Full session discussion Part 1: Approaches to risk classification (cont., Day 2) – All

11:45 Lunch

Subject Matter Expert Sub-Team Study Status
12:45 Recommendations to date: SME Sub-Team full study out brief (20 mins) SME Sub-Team
1:15 Full session discussion – All

Topic 1: Mission/System Level Assurance Approaches – Richard French, Facilitator
1:45 SME Sub-Team Topic 1 Out-brief
2:05 Industry talks (15 minutes each)
Industry Topic 1 presentation 1: Tyvak – Austin Williams
− Industry Topic-1 presentation 2: GeoOptics – Thomas Yunck
Industry Topic-1 presentation 3: Surrey Satellite Technology US – Will Thompson

2:50 Splinter: Topic 1, Group 1- Mission/System Level Assurance Approaches
Applying a holistic approach to SmallSat/CubeSat mission assurance that combines systems and component level thinking.

Splinter: Topic 1, Group 2- Mission/System Level Assurance Approaches – For each classification level, what is the appropriate level of testing (i.e. TVAC, Vibration, etc.)? What is the appropriate build and sparing policy? – Splinters convened concurrently

3:50 Break/ Reconvene

4:05 Full session debriefs and discussion, Topic 1 – All

Day 1 Debrief
4:35 Debrief, Open Items, Outcomes status check – Erica Sullivan, Facilitator
4:50 Announcements, Day 2 Plans – Harald
5:00 Adjourn

Day 2

Day 1 Recap
8:00 AM Day 1 Findings, Questions, Issues, Success Criteria Check Day 2 Plans – Harald Schone

Topic 2: Subsystem/ Component Level Assurance Approaches
8:30 15 minute talks
− SME Sub-Team Topic 2 out brief – SME Sub-Team
Government Topic-2 Presentation: Los Alamos National Laboratory – Tom Fairbanks
Industry Topic-2 Presentation: Pericle Communications – Jay Jacobsmeyer
Industry Topic-2 Presentation: Vulcan Wireless – Kevin Lynaugh

9:30 Break

Splinter: Topic 2, Group 1- Assurance Approaches, Component/Subsystem Level– At what point do changes and iterations made by a subcomponent vendor require a re-qualification of that subcomponent? What types of data should be collected from SmallSat/CubeSat subcomponent vendors to perform a Bayesian assessment?

Splinter: Topic 2, Group 1- Assurance Approaches, Component/Subsystem Level– What is the proper piece part pedigree (i.e. mil spec, automotive, commercial) for the different SmallSat/CubeSat classes? – Splinters convened concurrently

10:50 Full session debriefs and discussion, Topic 2

11:45 Lunch

Topic 3: Future Investments
12:45 Discussion on investments that have the potential to advance initiative objectives – Erica Sullivan, Facilitator

Topic 4: Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
1:25 Full session discussion: How to intentionally collaborate and/or share knowledge to advance SmallSat mission potential – Bruce Yost, Facilitator

2:25 Break

Risk Classification Part 2
2:45 Full session discussion, continued: Approaches to risk classification – SME Sub-Team

Findings Summary, Open Issues, Next Steps
3:15 TIM summary findings, Outcomes status check, Action items – SME Sub-Team
4:15 Next Steps, Closing Comments Pat, Michael, Harald
4:30 Adjourn