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The OCEANOS mission is to bring oceanography and STEM opportunities to the Hispanic/Latinos community. OCEANOS means: “Ocean Community Engagement and Awareness using NASA Earth Observations and Science for Hispanic/Latino Students.” Our program focuses on graduating high school seniors and first-generation undergraduate students in Puerto Rico interested in participating in a summer research experience.


Shallow coral reef sea turtle and fish underwater

How can I apply?

Applications are closed for the Summer 2024 program, and will open again at the beginning of 2025 for the next term. Four weeks of classroom and field training will be conducted during the summer and will end with an open activity where students will share learning experiences with academics, government representatives and people from local communities.

OCEANOS PI Juan Torres-Perez delivers the opening address of the final presentations to a crowded room at the EcoExploratorio: el Museo de Ciencias de Puerto Rico.


Partners in Puerto Rico will help create courses and the research program. Partners will be SMEs (subject matter experts) and will inspire participation and promote understanding for OCEANOS.

A coral reef in American Samoa, one of the locations where researchers from the Laboratory for Advanced Sensing went on deployment to collect data using fluid-lensing instruments.


Trainings will consist of basic remote sensing image analysis techniques for ocean color and water quality assessment, coupled with the design of do-it-yourself (DIY) instrumentation for collection of in situ water quality parameters, and general benthic characterization of tropical shallow-water ecosystems with NASA’s NeMO-Net application.

A slideshow of the 2023 OCEANOS summer internship.