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Visualization of aerosols in atmosphere
Forrest Melton fixes an instrument in the field as part of OpenET.

Earth Science at Ames

NASA’s Earth Science Division is organized around four programmatic areas: flight, research, applied sciences, and technology. Together these areas include programs and projects that are responsible for: conducting and sponsoring research to advance scientific understanding of Earth as a system, collecting and disseminating new observations, developing new technologies and computational models, and building the capacity to develop innovative applications of Earth science observations and research results.

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Weekly Highlights and Science Nuggets

A weekly recap on major events, mission and campaign updates.


Ames Earth Science research, technology development, and applications creates a wide variety of products. These include publications, patents, data repositories, services, and more.

Awards and Recognition

The invaluable research performed by Earth science researchers and teams has been recognized by a variety of prestigious internal and external awards.

Visiting Science

Our research has been augmented by the contributions of many visiting scientists, post-doctoral researchers, and interns.